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the meantime


n. the moment of realization that your quintessential self isn’t going to show up, which forces the role to fall upon the understudy, the humble kid for whom nothing is easy, who has spent years mouthing their lines in the wings before stumbling out into the glare of your life, which by then is already well into its second act.

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If you saw me walking one more time on the island
you would know how much the end of August meant to me;

and if you saw me singing as I slid over the wet stones
you would know I was carrying the secret of life in my hip pocket.

If my lips moved too much
you would follow one step behind to protect me;

if I fell asleep too soon
you would cover me in light catalpa or dry willow.

Oh if I wore a brace you would help me, if I stuttered
you would hold my arm, if my heart beat with fear

you would throw a board across the channel, you would put
out a hand to catch me, you would carry me on your back.

If you saw me swim back and forth through the algae
you would know how much I love the trees floating under me;

and if you saw me hold my leaf up to the sun
you would know I was still looking for my roots;

and if you saw me burning wood
you would know I was trying to remember the smell of maple.

If I rushed down the road buttoning my blue shirt –
if I left without coffee – if I forgot my chewed up pen –

you would know there was one more day of happiness
before the water rose again for another year.

Gerald Stern

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We Already Know Quite a Bit - Brian Koberlein

Closing in on dark matter.  (By the way, the Lambda-CDM model used to fit the data in that graph includes a dark energy component, aka cosmological constant.)

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Michael Brown, the unarmed black teenager who was killed by a police officer, sparking protests around the nation, was shot at least six times, including twice in the head, a preliminary private autopsy performed on Sunday found.

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This kind of brutality is inexcusable. And the only thing I ever see on news sites is absolutely sickening disregard for the life of Michael Brown, stomach-churning racist vitriol, and a seething desire to paint the entirety of blacks as uncivilized and deserving of this kind of unthinkable barbarism. This country has a real problem with racism, and if we don’t stand up to it and expel this bigotry, things will get a lot worse for everybody.

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